“We believe that good bourbon can change the world.” - Dan Garrison

In association with the distilled spirits community, GOOD BOURBON FOR A GOOD CAUSE is the beneficiary of marketing and promotional events conducted for philanthropic purposes. Funds from GOOD BOURBON FOR A GOOD CAUSE are distributed to charitable organizations primarily, but not exclusively, in Blanco and Gillespie counties of Texas and also to charitable organizations that serve current and former American military personnel. The types of charitable causes that are supported include, but are not limited to:


Organizations that help current or former American military veterans and their families get back to leading a rewarding life


Organizations that help American veterans recover from debilitating medical, mental health or psychological challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Organizations dedicated to conserving and preserving nature, wildlife, green spaces, or historical landmarks and historical sites.

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Other charitable organizations that the board of directors determine to be within the intent and spirit of the formation of this corporation.